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Erin Dulin


Brittany Cooper

Welcome to the official website of co-authors and sisters, 

Erin & Brittany.

As authors, their mission is to create and tell stories of all kinds. Take a look through the site to find everything from their latest work to past projects.


Never Mine

Make You Mine




Erin is a wife and mother who loves spending time with family and can be found watching football and hockey when time permits. Baking and cooking are some of her favorite pastimes, though some of her experiments are more pleasing than others. Finding peace and quiet in which to write doesn't come easily, making it even sweeter when stories take shape.


Brittany has been a cosmetologist for over a decade, an occupation that continuously explores fresh avenues of creativity and beauty. She is a new mother, learning to balance the reality of what it means to be a mom, wife, stylist, and author. Reading has always been one of her passions and writing an endeavor she refuses to leave behind.

Together, they've shared a lifelong affection for reading and storytelling, frequently joking that they also share a brain as they amuse themselves with their active imaginations and outlandish humor. They've written five novels of varying genres, one of which is never to see the light of day.

Young adult fiction is their passion, having dabbled in everything from dystopian to romance, and even parody. Their most recent offering is a fairytale retelling titled, Ella, Queen of Shadows, an adventure replete with exciting new layers of intrigue, gender-bending characters, and a few good guys gone bad.



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